Series Regulars

Tessa Barton

(Teri Reeves)

TESSA BARTON has clawed her way up to be one of the biggest celebrity PR women in Hollywood. However, after hitting a dog in a crosswalk, she becomes the most hated woman in America, when a video of her fleeing the scene goes viral.



(Martin Dingle Wall)

BILLY NORDIC – Charismatic, misanthropic animal lover who runs, Fur Children, a struggling dog rescue in a seedy part of downtown LA.


Heidi Nordic

(Sylva Kelegian)

HEIDI NORDIC  - Billy’s sister runs a topless bar called Hounds Lounge next door to her brother’s dog rescue.


Jude Nordic

(Jett Bednar)

JUDE NORDIC – Heidi’s son has been raised around dancers and dogs and is finding it hard to fit in anywhere. 


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